What type of filler should I use??

What type of filler should I use??

A common question I get is… What is a good filler for my lips?  Companies put a lot of money into marketing new products and creating a “Buzz”.  I can honestly say that I have tried every filler out on the market, with the exception of Radiesse (which will cause granulomas) in the lips.  I have tried Voluma thinking that the larger molecule and G-prime would make it last longer, but no such luck.  I have tried Volbella, Belotero, Volure, Juvederm ultra, Juvederm ultra plus, Restylane and none of them lasted very long.  Restylane is by far THE WORST choice for lip filler.  The problem is that it is a very small molecule and spreads out too thin.  Many inexperienced people like Restylane because it is very forgiving if they make a mistake.

In the past I used Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, because the drug reps at Allergan told me it is better than regular old Juvederm Ultra.  Guess what…Juvederm Ultra lasts longer.  Why did Allergan tell me to buy more Juvederm Ultra Plus?  Because it is more expensive!

I have tried EVERYTHING in my years of injecting and I keep coming back to Juvederm Ultra XC.  Juvederm Ultra is a little stiffer feeling as you inject than Ultra Plus XC.  I have heard that there are some great products in Canada that will be coming down to the US for lips that last a very long time.  I will keep you posted if anything better comes onto the market.

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