The Difference Between Botox & Juvederm

The Difference Between Botox & Juvederm

Many times I am asked the difference between Botox and Juvederm.   With so many names of different products out there it can be hard to figure out what goes where.  I always recommend coming in for a consultation first, because there may be a primary issue that solves a secondary issue.

Botox, Dysport & Xeomin are neurotoxins that work with the muscle to block impulses to the muscle that cause it to move.  Most times Botox is used between the eye brows, forehead, and crow’s feet (around the eyes).  Botox will typically last 3-4 months.  For many women in their early 20’s using botox for preventative measures I recommend every 6  to 12 months.  For women looking to reverse the signs of aging I recommend Botox every 3-4 months.  Botox typically will take about a week to start seeing the results, so be patient.  Dysport will typically start working in 3-4 days.  Dyport is a smaller molecule than Botox and theoretically should not last as long as Botox, but there are always people who get the opposite effect.    I have stopped using Xeomin due to the short duration it works.

Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, ect…are all “Fillers” or “Dermal Fillers” which is a broad term.  The main purpose of “Fillers” is to plump up and fill in lines and add volume.  A common area for volume deficit is in the cheek area under the eyes.  Juvederm is what I typically use in the lips for lip augmentation.  I have tried in the lips Belotero, Restylane, Voluma, Volbella, Juvederm and I find Juvederm lasts the longest.  The worst thing to place in the lips is Restylane, due to the small molecular size it breaks down very quickly.  You will find inexperienced injectors will use Restylane because it allows a lot of room for error.  With fillers, simply think of “Plumping up” areas or filling in cracks and lines.  With so many different dermal fillers, I highly recommend a consultation first.

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