Forma- Neck & Face Tightening

Forma- Neck & Face Tightening

Have you ever wondered if you can tighten your neck and face with no downtime?  There is a new machine on the market called “Forma” which uses radio frequency and heat to help tighten the skin on the face and neck.  How it works is by passing a specific frequency down through the skin to help tighten up the elastin fibers and collagen to produce a tightening effect.  Over time as we age, the elastin fibers relax which lead to loose skin.  By passing a frequency down through the fibers, it helps to tighten these specific fibers and produce tighter skin.  This machine will not produce collagen, so I recommend a good dermal filler to add volume to areas deficient in volume.

The Forma is completely painless, and you may actually fall asleep during the procedure.  Results can typically be seen after 3 treatments, and 6 treatments is what I generally recommend.  I recommend this for the mid-face to jaw line area, and the neck.  Other places people use the Forma are for above the knees and arm areas.

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