PRP Injections

PRP Injections

PRP is quickly becoming very popular for the great results it produces.  PRP as we are finding out is great at helping the body to repair itself and heal.  So what is PRP??

PRP is an abbreviation for “Platelet Rich Plasma”.   In the past, PRP has been used to treat injuries such as injured ligaments and tendons.  Some places of the body have a better success rate than other areas.   PRP is collected when the person has blood drawn and then spun down in what is called a centrifuge.  The centrifuge separates the different parts of blood, and allows for the red blood cells to settle at the bottom since they are larger and heavier.   Sometimes a large amount of blood may be required, since the actual PRP is such a small portion of the blood.  The larger clear area called “PPP” or Platelet Poor Plasma is many times used by inexperienced people who do not actually know what true PRP is.  True PRP holds all the rich stem cells and growth factors that help create new tissue.  PRP has become extremely popular recently in the aesthetic world.  Finding the proper person to inject or microneedle the PRP can sometimes be tricky since everyone is jumping on the band wagon.

PRP can be used to help regrow thicker and stronger hair and build up more collagen in the face.  Some other interesting areas PRP is being injected is the penis, the vagina, and the clitoris to enhance sexual intercourse and provide intense orgasms.

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