nonsurgical “mini face lift” with PDO facial threading

nonsurgical “mini face lift” with PDO facial threading

There has been going popularity for nonsurgical procedures to help people look their best.  Noninvasive procedures offer little to no downtime, less complications and little risk of complications or infections.

PDO facial threading uses small surgical sutures to help lift sagging jowls and give you a younger more youthful appearance.   The threads I typically like to use are a large barbed suture, that will give maximum results and last the longest.  Threads will generally last about 1 1/2 years to 2 years when the large threads are used.

The PDO thread is placed under the skin through a small hole.  The entry point in numbed with a local anesthetic as well as under the skin.  Pain during the procedure is mostly felt while the numbing agent is being injected.

Areas that PDO threads can be used on are the knees, elbows, face, breast lift, butt lift and more.  As like any other procedure, the results are only as good as the person performing the procedure.  I believe our results are some of the best possible results out there.

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