Mini Facelift – PDO Facial Threading

Mini Facelift – PDO Facial Threading

In facial threading, I am basically the ONLY one in all of Arizona that does PDO Facial Threading…and has amazing results!!  I have been seeing a few places try and attempt facial threading in the state of Arizona, but the results are just very poor.  The training they received was very inadequate and patients were not happy with the results.

I have been performing facial thread lifts for a year now and get really astounding results.  Of all the people I have performed this procedure on, not one person has been disappointed.  I honestly would say that I get better results than the plastic surgeon who I learned from.

PDO is an abbreviation for ” Polydioxanone  ” which are sutures that dissolve slowly over time.  The number of threads that are placed in the mid-face and lower face depend on the amount of sagging in the jowl.  These threads are placed under the skin and slowly start to build up new collagen .  The great thing about threads is that it will reduce the amount of fillers needed in the face.  Having fewer fillers in the face will give you a more “Natural” look.  I will typically follow up in 2 weeks with my patients to place any additional threads.  Results will look better over the following weeks after the procedure.

This procedure will last you about 2 years, and has very minimal pain and rarely any bruising.  The face will feel tight for about 5-7 days following the procedure.   This is one of the latest cutting edge procedures that can take years off your face, and has no real downtime.

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