Mini Face Lift

Mini Facelift

Facial threading has picked up traction in the mainstream media and is being recognized for the great results people get.  Facial threading helps reduce and possibly eliminate the Jowls.   Depending on the thickness of the thread, they can last anywhere up to a year and...

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Treatment for Jowls

One of the most common complaints I have is about lifting the jowls.   As we age, the subcutaneous tissue is lost in the face.  Many of the midface structures that used to hold things up for us have slowly been depleted.  Many times you can...

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qode interactive strata

Thread Lift

Have you ever wanted just that slight little tightening, but not a full face-lift?  Glo Medspa performs what is called a "Thread Lift".  This procedure has been around for about 10 years, but gaining great exposure in the United States.  The "Thread Lift" is widely...

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