Earlobe Filler (rejuvenation)

We all know about filling our lips and cheeks with "fillers", but now there are more options to maintain that youthful look.  People are now learning that they can put filler, such as Juvederm, in their ear lobes to help plump them up.  By filling...

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Juvederm and Fillers

With so many different dermal fillers to help plump up the face, which one is right for you?  Understanding what each "filler" is intended for helps you create a better idea of what to ask for and how much to budget.  Each company makes a...

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New to Botox?

New to Botox and Juvederm?  The difference between Botox and Juvederm is that Botox relaxes muscles, while Juvederm plumps areas up with volume.  Many times when a client comes in for Botox for the first time, I always recommend going a little "Lighter" on the...

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Lip Injections

Lip injections are one of my favorite things to do.  So many times I see poorly done lips with the upper lip being larger and not proportionate to the bottom lip.  I always suggest to get a consultation before you get your lips done, because...

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Finding a Provider

I am often asked “Who can inject Botox and Juvederm in Ariozona?”  There is a difference between who can and who should inject. Lets start with who can inject.  In the state of Arizona as long as you are licensed medical professional such as an MD,...

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Filling between the lines

Juvederm and many other fillers have been traditionally know for performing lip and cheek augmentation as well as laugh lines.  Juvederm is a highly cross linked hyaluronic acid, which is normally found in the human body.  Juvederm fills depressions and deep lines in the face,...

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Microcannula Injections

Injection techniques and styles vary from one place to another.  I always try and stay up to date on the best injection techniques possible.  I had heard a lot about "Microcannulas" and started doing some research on it.  I was amazed with the results and...

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