Botched lips can be fixed

Botched lips can be fixed

Many times I hear the same concern… “I don’t want Duck lips”.  The intent of this blog is to help put your mind at rest and know that you will have a great outcome with lip fillers.  I have seen some really botched lips over the years, and I am never sure what went so terribly wrong.  I see everything from huge lumps of filler, to uneven lips as well as the wrong products being used.

In lips, I prefer to use Juvederm.  I have tried everything from Restylane to voluma, bellotero, volbella.  I keep coming back to Juvederm for lips filler of choice.  I like Juvederm because it tends to last longer in the lips than Restylane.  Restylane is typically used by inexperienced injectors, or people who are not good at performing lip augmentation because it is very forgiving.

I will typically numb the lips for about 20 minutes to help make the client more comfortable.  The poe of the needle will still be felt, but should not be too bad.  The thing I hear the most is “that was not as bad as I thought it would be”.  The fear of botched lips keeps many people from getting their lips done.  I also like to remind clients that I keep the size of the lips very “age appropriate”.  Many times men do not want their wife to get their lips enhanced because they see so many bad lip fillers out there.  I can let you rest assure that he will love your new lips as much as you do.  In the worst case scenario the lip filler can be easily dissolved with a special enzyme.  I carry a lot of this medication at my office due to the large amount of botched filler jobs I have fixed.  You would be surprised to hear that plastic surgeons are the ones who typically botch lips.  The problem is that surgeons do surgery all day, not lip fillers like I do.  You will always be better at something that you do a lot of.  As far as lip injections, I have done thousands of lip augmentations and been told I am the best one out there.

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