Glo MedSpa: Botox & Juvederm in Scottsdale

Skin Success

Skin care keys to success!! So many times my clients ask "how do I get great looking skin?"  The answer to that is simple, but sometimes hard to do...

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Microcannula Injections

Injection techniques and styles vary from one place to another.  I always try and stay up to date on the best injection techniques possible.  I had heard a lot about "Microcannulas" and started doing some research on it.  I was amazed with the results and...

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Lip Fillers and Injections

There is definitely an "Art" to making beautiful lips.  Anyone can inject filler into your lips, but creating a beautiful shape is different.  I have a special technique I use when making gorgeous lips, as well as never rushing.  The lips I create typically take 40...

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The difference between Botox and Fillers

When I describe to my clients the difference between Botox and facial fillers, I typically like to know what areas are bothering them the most. Many times people ask for Botox, which helps relax the mucle, when in fact a facial filler is needed. BOTOX works...

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